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Why Do You Need to Consider Auto Fleet Vehicle Disinfecting Services?

With germs and viruses becoming more dangerous, hygiene has become important like never before. Recent studies and researches show that viruses and bacteria can stay on surfaces for over 72 hours. This kind of resiliency increases the chances of contamination and introduces the need to disinfect everything. When we talk about disinfecting everything, we cannot ignore vehicles as they are a source of contamination for the next user or operator, or occupant. Commercial vehicles are more prone to infections as a lot of people use them.


So, what could be the possible solution to maintain vehicle hygiene? Well, auto fleet vehicle disinfecting services in Calgary can ensure the safety of drivers as well as occupants. It is the best way to keep your vehicles, piers, and people safe.     


Auto fleet vehicle disinfecting services are mostly categorized into two main categories…


  • Proactive Vehicle Cleaning: Under this, a team visits the site and cleans your vehicles proactively. Disinfection is done using spray and disinfectant and if the vehicle is a sleeper, all storage areas, floor, refrigerator, mattress, and under the mattress are cleaned apart from all other parts and accessories.


  • Reactive Vehicle Cleaning: Any vehicle that is used for a patient is parked and locked for at least 3 days before starting with the clean. A team of professionals will clean the vehicle proactively on-site using professional-grade disinfectants. Everything is cleaned and disinfected very carefully.


Why do you need to consider commercial disinfecting services for fleet vehicles…


  • Surfaces including metal, glass, plastic and other hard surfaces are prone to bacteria and viruses. These surfaces can transfer these germs to people touching them, resulting in the potential transmission of viruses like Covid-19.


  • Professional cleaning and disinfecting companies use hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants. Also, they can provide disinfecting services depending on your specific needs and the staff is trained to provide specialty services for cars, vans, and other vehicles.


  • Auto fleet vehicle disinfecting services ensure even coverage of the entire vehicle including dashboard, seats, centre console, floors, all interior glass, windows, steering columns, doors, seatbelts, headliner, and vehicle keys using a professional-grade pump sprayer.


  • Once the vehicle is properly cleaned from inside-out, it is ensured that it is sanitized and disinfected carefully using gas from the ozone generator. This includes sanitizing everything such as toolboxes, storage areas, HVAC systems, and tools/items in the vehicle.


  • It also takes into account any detachable fittings or equipment that have become soiled during loading or unloading. An approved disinfectant is used to sanitize everything after cleansing has been completed.


Here are a few tips that you should follow apart from getting your auto fleet vehicle disinfected…


  • You should wash your hands before and after driving and bring all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid contamination.

  • Try to wear gloves or sanitize your hands after fueling your vehicle as these surfaces are frequently touched.

  • You should conduct a hygiene check before starting your journey and keep everything like a mask, gloves, sanitizer, etc ready.

  • Nearly every surface of the vehicle can be cleaned using a disinfectant and when using wipes, remove excess liquid before using.

  • You should never forget to sanitize high-touch surfaces like the steering wheel, keys, door handles, lock buttons, latches, shift lever, buttons or touch screens, centre console, seat pockets, seat belts, armrests, seat adjusters, cup holders, wiper, mirrors, etc.


Cleansing and disinfection of vehicles are extremely important as it reduces the risk of disease transmission. Vehicles should be cleaned and disinfected using professional services to reduce any risks.

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